MOOVcard, was first launched as a pre-paid taxi card in 2012, providing a cab booking priority service.

2015: MOOVcard relaunches with new features :  We have released a mobile App which allows users to book a cab, a vehicle for hire and even a moto-taxi.

If the prepaid mode remains an option, direct payment by credit card is now available.

You can choose to book a cab instantly or in advance (pre-booking: 30 days max).

How does it work ?

  1. Create your personal account
  2. Choose the most suitable mode of transport: a cab, a vehicule for hire or a Moto-taxi
  3. Book your ride and immediately get a driver or book in advance (pre-booking: 30 days max).
  4. Pay for your trip directly via your prepaid account or with your credit card
  5. Receive a confirmation text-message from your chauffeur. Get your invoices by email.

Your prepaid account will be automatically created as soon as you register.

You can top-up your prepaid MOOVcard account 24/7 via your personal account.